Why Fruit?

Asked the serious wine drinkers...

The bottom line: even serious wine drinkers enjoy a drink described as "fun in a glass." And while Llano is known for its award-winning Texas wines, these are no different. They just have a sweeter finish. So, if you're looking for something new—something that reads suspiciously long lunch on a workday—grab a glass!

Fruit Peach


Sweet white wine with natural flavors

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Fruit Raspberry


Sweet rosé wine with natural flavors

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Fruit Black Cherry

Black Cherry

Sweet red wine with natural flavors

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Why Fruit Bottom
Why Fruit Shape Waves
Fruit Wines by Llano Estacado are

Good Alone, Better Together

Girls' Night In

Girls' Night In

Your Book Club

Your Book Club

Dinner with Friends

Dinner with Friends


Make it a Spritzer

All you Need

  • 1 Chilled Llano fruit wine
  • 1 Chilled sparkling water
  • 1 Your favorite garnish
  • Ice

Follow our step-by-step directions:

  1. Fill your favorite glass with ice and 3/4 of the way with chilled fruit wine. The colder, the better! Texas summers are no joke!
  2. Top off the last 1/4 of your glass with your favorite sparkling water. You can go basic with a plain sparkling water or choose your favorite complementary flavor. We don't think you can ever go wrong with grapefruit! Be careful for fizzing over with that pour!
  3. Add your favorite garnish and enjoy!
  4. Better yet, snap a picture, post it, and tag us!
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